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Does this sound like you or a loved one?

  • I am a Therapist and I am experiencing mental health related distress 

  • I am a Therapist and I am concerned about my substance use

  • I am a therapist and I was recently diagnosed with a mental health and/or substance use disorder

  • I am a Therapist in need of mental health services but I don’t know where to start

If so, you're exactly where you need to be...

Welcome to Atypical Psychotherapy

I'm Glad That You're Here!

I specialize in working with individuals who are actively navigating mental health symptoms as they work to be successful in their professions. I am proudly referred to as the "Atypical Psychotherapist" and my practice name, Atypical Psychotherapy, reflects my company's mission: To provide extraordinary mental health services, resources, and support to other Black professionals. There are many phenomenal, Atypical Black therapists, nurses, teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc., and I created this platform to encourage other Black professionals that they can still live a meaningful and productive life while managing a mental health disorder.


I am Donnisha

I strive to do my part to reduce the stigma attached to mental health diagnoses and treatment, especially in the Black community. As a Psychotherapist and Black woman living with a severe mental health disorder, my goal is to change the narrative surrounding mental health by using my story and practice to empower those who are experiencing shame, guilt, and embarrassment due to being misunderstood or rejected by their community. I hope to assist in the reduction of stigma surrounding Black professionals seeking treatment for mental health and substance use disorders. 


I envision a world where all individuals can openly discuss their mental health and substance abuse related challenges without being shamed or discriminated against at home, at work, and in the community. I want to spread the word that living with a mental health disorder doesn't make one "crazy," "weird," or any other adjective that provides an opportunity for us to be stigmatized. We are Unique. We are Phenomenal. We are Atypicaland that is nothing to be ashamed of...



Donnisha Lavigne

Specialized Services

With more than 5 years of experience in the field of mental health and substance use, my specialties are Mood Disorders,  Anxiety Disorders, and Co-Occurring Disorders.

My personal experience navigating my life and career while living with mental health disorders and my dedication to creating a safe space for other Black professional women with similar experiences has poised me to become a resource and advocate for the population.

Sometimes we pour a glass of wine or a couple of shots to drink after a long day of work. While this seems harmless, it becomes problematic when we begin to use alcohol and/or drugs in order to cope with the stressors of life. We might do things that we never imagined we would, like arrive to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Moreover, receiving a DUI or facing other legal issues related to substance use can jeopardize our licenses.

Anxiety can creep up on us like a thief in the night: during sessions, while driving, at nighttime, in the shower, etc. Racing thoughts keep our brains going a mile a minute, often impacting our ability to sleep. We all  know that if not acknowledged, monitored, or treated, anxiety can be quite troublesome. Have you ever experienced an anxiety attack at work? In the grocery store? 

Mood disorders can be tricky to navigate as we know that depression can be clinical or situational. Despite it's origin, depression symptoms can be debilitating, often interrupting our ability to healthily function on a daily basis. Whether you've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or are experiencing situational depression, you don't have t face it alone...

Atypical Psychotherapist

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